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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. we are live in transwhere more than a -- we are live in san francisco where more than a million people are expected to flock the streets. in that busy weekend means busy times on public transportation. how bay area transit agencies are preparing for the crush of riders. two part passengers robbed at gunpoint overnight. how oakland police responded with special reenforcements to catch the suspect. plus regrouping after
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wednesday's presidential debate. how both of the presidential candidates are changing their strategies. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day and it's a friday october 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve paulson is here with the forecast and again i ask you because we are -- people will worry about the fog seeing the blue angels. >> we had that big cool down started on thursday. it continues today. there is a lot of low clouds and high clouds over us. mostly cloudy pattern. it might play into our weather late sunday into monday. todays highs 60s and 70s. right now westbound highway 4 looks pretty good. it is a little crowded as you come in through the bay point
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area. also slow traffic building up in pleasant hill. westbound 24 as you drive past lafayette and oakland it's a nice drive. let's go back to the desk. topping our news san francisco is bracing for big crowds this weekend. more than a million people are expected to fill the streets were several high profile events. that includes the america's cup world series. the giants playoffs, fleet week, and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. we have team coverage this morning to cover everything you need to know to plan ahead if you are going to visit the city. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge has more on the big changes transit agencies are making to accommodate the crowds. first let's check in with tara moriarty who is is in the city with a look at what the city is doing to prepare for the streets that will be jammed. >> reporter: we are here along the embarcadero. this is where the official store for the america's cup is. there are going to be quarter finals today and then more racing this weekend. expected to draw 40,000 people
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to the bay. it's one of many events happening this weekend. every member of the police force will be out. this will be closing -- they will be closing one northbound lane along the embarcadero between the ferry building and bay street to allow emergency vehicles access. city leaders say it's a practice run for the big america's cup event next year where more than three million people are expected to attend. also on tap the u.s. navy blue angels will be flying overhead. they will be practicing today. you might catch a glimpse. their shows will be on saturday and sunday of course. now here's a look at some of the other events that are going on. the giants will take on the reds in the national league playoffs saturday and sunday. hardly strictly bluegrass festival will take place at golden gate park. the 49ers will play the buffalo
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bills sunday. italian heritage parade is happening in north beach on sunday. and we do have two mega cruise ships docking here in center lane. that is expected to bring about 7,000 people into this city. parking will be very, very scarce. we suggest you take mass transit. if you are theying about driving to any of the san francisco events, expect a lot of company and big crowds. that is why you are encourage tad take public transportation. transit agencies are gearing up for more people aren't they? >> they are. bart spokesman told me they are expecting to shatter weekend ridership records with so many events going on this weekend. what that means for you if you are heading out the stations will be packed with people, the trains will be packed as well. as people head out to the baseball games, big concerts 2349 city to prepare for the crowds bart will be adding
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extra cars. that will be starting later on this evening. during the weekend they will have every available train car in service. that is 600 of them. they will also add special event trains. bart will still be operating on its normal weekend schedule. the trains won't be running any more frequently. they will have cars on them. >> bart and city officials really have been meeting for months now. we know we have circled on our calendars. we have been making plans. we are fully prepared for the big weekend. we hope people will choose bart. >> meantime over in san francisco muni will also be adding extra trains and buses. especially to get people to and from the giants home playoff games on saturday and sunday. you can also expect more boats
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outs on the bay for this busy weekend with a whole lot more ferries that will be shuttling passengers to and from the city. the san francisco bay ferry will triple the normal capacity between the east bay and san francisco over the weekend. if you plan to take the ferry i'm told it's a good idea to make reservations. as we come back out here live if you plan on taking bart own driving to one of the stations and parking you want to show up early, they do expect the parking lots will fill up fast this weekend. live this morning in oakland alex savidge. >> now in on our channel 2 website we have posted summaries for you on some of the big events happening this weekend. just go to the front page. look for that section called today's hot topics. overnight news two bart riders just getting off the train were robbed at gunpoint. it happened at about 11:30 last night at the coliseum bart station parking lot. now bart police say the victims were get into their cars when
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two gunmen approached and took their cell phones. with the help of police dogs, bart officers tracked the suspects to a nearby warehouse area. at least one of the suspects may have been bitten by a police dog and was taken to the hospital. the robbery victims were not hurt. time is 6:06. election news president obama and mitt romney both will be targeting swing states today out on the campaign trail. first president obama will make a stop at virginia's george mason university. then he will be going to ohio. the obama campaign is regrouping after wednesday's big debate. at a rally in denver yesterday, the president accused republican challenger mitt romney of being dishonest. the obama campaign vows they will sharpen their attacks. also mitt romney will be campaigning in virginia today as well. he's holding what is called a coal country rally. just days after accusing the obama administration of crushing the coal industry. in the meantime mitt romney is
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now clarifying his controversial 47% statement. now he says he was complete his wrong when he said that half of americans are victims and dependent on the government. goo news -- good news on the jobs front. the newly released jobs report shows the unemployment rate fell to 7.8% last month. coming up at 6:15 we will take you live to our washington, d.c. bureau. we'll let you hear more about how this report will effect the presidential election. right now we want to go back over to sal. so he's keeping an eye on traffic. how does it look? >> it looks all right. we don't have a lot of slow traffic out there. we've had a couple miner fender benders. we look at the bigger trends here. right now it's getting sloes. if you look at bay point it doesn't look that bad.
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it looks good on the rest of highway 4 so far. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up in some of the lanes. usually the metering lights go on at 6:15 or so. we'll see what happens then. this mornings commute on 80 looks good if you are driving down to richmond. there are no problems. 6:08 let's go to steve. we do have mostly cloudy skies. higher clouds up above. the system moving closer to us have has enhanced that. i thought i would focus on temperature drop for areas that are way inland. usually have no influence at all. ukiah 82. 77 today. clearlake 86. livermore 78. even stockton add 82 check -- at 82 checking in at 78.
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the biggest temperature drop will be those away from the coast. by the coast still good amount of fog. 40s and 50s and 60s. you are seeing 48 sonoma county airport. hayward 59. 55 antioch. 56 fairfield. still an on shore breeze. it will be a breezy day for some. our little low is right here. it's moving very slowly. eventually it will be over us sunday night into monday. that will keep the cool pattern in place. might even give us a few showers. low and high clouds today. 60s and 70s coast bay inland and kind of blustery at times. 70s for some in here. 78, 79, 72. same for walnut creek, brentwood. oakland 68. berkeley 67. a lot of 70s here. low mid. 72 san carlos. not much change saturday. sunday looks like a the fog
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will get maxed out. partly sunny and partly cloudy. maybe a few showers on monday. time now 6:10. why they are worried about identity theft in one peninsula community. what has been stolen from several mailboxes. a mother accused of abandoning her child during a shoplifting attempt is back in the bay area. made for tv movie about the raid on osama bin laden. the questions about the timing of the premier.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time right now is 6:13. turkey is demands an emergency meeting. five civilians including three children were killed. syria says it was a tragic accident. but the u.n. security council calls it a violation of international law. turkey retaliated by shelling syrian military posts. the turkish prime minister says he doesn't want to go to war. a film that depicts the osama bin laden man hunt is set to debut two days before the november election. navy seals shot and killed bin laden during a raid at his pakistani compound back in may of 2011. the new film which will air on the national geographic channel. national geographic says the
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time snot meant to be political. many call it the most important jobs report of the year and it just came out this morning. only five weeks before the presidential election now we are getting a new look at the condition of the u.s. economy. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau now with the september jobs report that came out 45 minutes ago. good morning, alison. >> reporter: big, big surprise this morning and this could be the boost the obama campaign is look for this week. let's take a closer look at the numbers. the labor department september jobs report shows the economy added 114,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate dropped significantly to 7.8% from 8.1% in august. 245 is a sur -- that is a surprise because economists were expecting it to tick up. president obama and mitt romney will be campaigning in virginia today. this will give him something to
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crow about today. it's the first time unemployment has been below 8% since he took office. the romney campaign will likely say it's not enough. some republicans are tweeting this morning the administration must be fudging the number. we are reaching out to both campaigns for reaction this morning. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. time now 6:15. the u.s. secret service has new policies in place now after the most embarrassing scandal in the secret service history. the new policy would ban excessive drinking and sharing of work related information on sites including facebook. all of this comes five months after more than a dozen secret service employees were accused of drunken partying with prostitutes. morgan hill woman accused of abandoning her ten-year-old daughter during a shoplifting attempt is behind bars this morning in santa clara county.
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she previously used the name marcy keyland. her daughter is staying with her grandmother. child protective services is making arrangement thes to bring the 11-month-old son back from the -- back to the bay area from nevada. prosecution witnesses accuse esteban of creating an elaborate scheme to find out le ice hospital schedule. esteban posed as le, le's friend and perspective student and teacher. cameras show her break into officers and walking -- offices and walking away with student rosters. a court hearing is scheduled for a san francisco couple accused of fatally shooting man that was pimping their teenage daughter. they are charged in the killing of calvin knead become in june.
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they are due in court at 9:00 a.m. to set a date for their preliminary hearing. authorities are investigating several cases of stolen mail. one case was at skyline boulevard in wood side near redwood city. the thieves broke into several mailboxes by using colt cutters. they are worried someone will use that stolen mail to steal their identities. if you're getting ready to head out on the roads what are you looking at? >> we are look at the roads that are beginning to heat up. 237 is one of them you can see a few more brake lights. bay bridge toll plaza we do have stop and go traffic. the metering lights are on. the backup is over the 880 overcrossing.
6:19 am
not too bad but there is a crowd move into san francisco. highway 4 pittsburg to bay point looks good. steve. sal. >> a couple mlb wild card games today? >> yeah. we do have a lot of low clouds. mostly cloudy and cool. nice tweet from khloe 44 degrees. higher clouds associated with a lower pressure system. we have gone from hot to below average temperatures. only a couple days. fleet week forecast anything to do with a city around the bay or treasure island it's going to be partly sunny, partly
6:20 am
cloudy with low 60s. take a jacket and a breezy cool. 55 antioch. 58 livermore. our little low is right there. right there. it's on its way. slowly. as it moves toward us we will keep it in the cooler pattern. a lot of high clouds. breezy. kind of a chilly morning out there. it's time for the layers again. not much change saturday. the fog should it should be cool enough inland the fog won't be able to support itself. we will have partly cloudy and partly sunny. starbucks testing new baked goods in the bay area. coffee company wants to see if customers would like a whole wheat spinach croissant, blueberry muffin. if they prove popular other stores will start offering
6:21 am
them. the tests come after starbucks bought a small san francisco bakery chain a few months ago. another san francisco company could receive fda approval for its fourth cancer drug. that have submitted a drug that acts as smart bomb against breast cancer cells. a patients that use -- patients that use the drug trials say they will be very good news. 6:21. why more students are looking outside of california to do to college. the reason they say they'll have a better chance somewhere else. later this month endeavour makes its final move. the one thing people are being told not to do as the shuttle makes its way through los angeles. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:24. fleet week enthusiasts can get an up close look. this morning the uss hornet is opening up an exhibit at the museum on pier three. it's part of an effort to expand san francisco fleet week. the exhibit will be on display throughout the weekend. the space shuttle moves toes final home later this month and many people in southern california plan to
6:25 am
line the 15-mile route. even if the city is discouraging that idea. endeavor drew clouds when it landed at the airport last month. it should come as no surprise thousands more want to see it as it moves from lax to the california science center. police warn they will close most sidewalks along the route for safety reasons. new information about a san jose principal accused of not reporting allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher. the evergreen schoolteacher released notes showing a second grade student told principal that a teacher blindfolded her and put something in her mouth. now prosecutors say the principal should have reported that to the police and child protective services. the teacher allegedly molested another student three months later and was arrested. 6:25. california's money problems are forcing more student tsz to go -- students to go to college out of state.
6:26 am
uc and csu schools already pack the students from other states that pay more tuition here. they are cutting enrollment for california residents they is frustrating for those that would rather stay here in california. >> here in california tuition is going up every year every month. it's getting expensive. >> colleges in oregon, washington state, arizona, and ohio are aggressively recruiting california students. at ohio state some out of state students can reportedly $12,000 toward a $25,000 yearly tuition. let's go back over to sal for a look at the commute. what are you keeping an eye rob, sal? >> you, pam. we are doing pretty well. it's getting a little more crowded. nothing unusual. this is one of the commutes we are off to a decent start. here we are almost at 6:30. traffic still looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. it's not a really bad commute
6:27 am
just yet. let's hope it stays this way. moving along to the sunol grade. 680 traffic is moving along very nicely. we haven't had a lot of crashes out there and again we are hope it stays that way. looking at the ticker here and it looks like there is a stalled week on a bridge. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. happy friday. we have a lot of low clouds and high clouds. temperatures 40s and 50s for most. higher clouds will clear out but still i think table is set for a cool down even well inland. 60s and 70s for everybody. >> thank you. a deadly rabies scare in the east bay. what we're learning about how a man contracted ray bees in -- rabies in contra costa county. police will be hitting the streets in full force this weekend. we'll tell you why they are needed for crowd control.
6:28 am
the big events planned. we'll take you live to the opening bell. it's about to ring. we'll see how investors respond to the new surprising employment numbers.
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welcome back. right on time. the opening bell live in new york bringing you there. fleetmatics. they have u.s. headquarters in boston but they are based in ireland. a lot of people smiling rob the nasdaq. it is apparently world smile day. smile big. that is smile train. they are the world's largest clef lip and palette charity. working with mostly children, babies around the world. wonderful organization. smile today in honor of them 37 >> we can do that. we do that now any way. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here
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on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is a friday, october 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. in the news this morning more than a million people are expected to pack the streets of san francisco this weekend for several events. ktvu tara moriarty is live in san francisco now to tell us more about all the things that are going on and how they are trying to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. tara. >> reporter: police just paraded a military convoy here down the embarcadero. we noticed a if navy cars. we do of course have all of the events going on this weekend with fleet week and behind me you can see this is official america's cup team store. they will be closing down one northbound lane right here along the embarcadero from the ferry building all the way up to bay street to allow emergency vehicles access to the hub of activity 37 it will be really, really crowded down here this weekend. today are the quarter finals and more racing this weekend.
6:32 am
will draw an estimated 40,000 people to the bay. it's one of the many events on tap. every member of the police force will be out. city leaders say it's a practice run for the big america's cup event next year where more than 3 million people are expected to attend. now the blue angels will be flying overhead. the u.s. navy pilots will be practicing today for shows on saturday and sunday. part of fleet week as we mentioned and the parade of ships will be tomorrow. here's a look at another big events. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival will take place in golden gate park. the 49ers will play the buffalo bills on sunday. the heritage parade is happening in north beach. we even have two mega cruise ships docking in san francisco. that will will bring about 7,000 people in the bay. parking will be limited. make sure you take the bus or
6:33 am
some other mode of mass transit. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> justin bobblier be performing in oak -- bieber will be performing in oakland. >> i heard that. >> with so many people converging on san francisco you are being asked don't drive. use up how bart and muni plan to handle the extra riders. a live report on the potential records that could be broken this weekend. a drive by shooting overnight in san jose injures one man. it happened on robert avenue last night at 11:00. authorities say the man was shot and his injuries are not considered life threatening. z sheriffs dep -- sheriffs deputies arrested a woman that was responsible for a low speed chase that spanned two cities. she ran several red lights on east 14th street from san leandro to oakland last night. when she got to the e. of the street she turned around and went the other way.
6:34 am
she was stopped at 61st avenue. the chase lasted nearly a half hour. z new this morning from overseas an american has been blamed for a shooting that happened at a hotel in israel. here is new video we just got this in. american man grabbed a hotel security guard's gun and started firing into a crowded dining room. he killed a kitchen employee before he was shot dead by israeli police. police say the gunman had been working at the hotel as part of a work study program that brings jews to israel. so far he's identified only as a 23-year-old man from new york. we don't know his name. feuding happened in the red sea resort city of eilat. patients are being warned that injections they received for back pain may have been contaminated with fungal meningitis. the alameda county health
6:35 am
department confirms the steroid medications were shipped to facilities in los angeles and mendocino counties. 35 people in six states have contracted fungal meningitis. five of them have died. a man's rabies death has health officials searching for three dozen people that had contact with him. he contracted the disease from a bat in contra costa county. claudine wong is in martinez this morning covering the search for the potential victims. >> reporter: they have a press conference a little later this morning in martinez to talk about everyone this man might have come in contact with. this is the first rabies related death in the first 20 years. they have spent the last few months trying to track down everyone he night might have come in contact with. this sam cdc report -- this is a cdc report that just came out. it does center here in california. this is where they believe the
6:36 am
man got infected. what they are saying the 34- year-old man died from the disease on july 31st but he worked abroad in another country. he had traveled quite extensively when he was infected. they believe he got infected in march by touching a bat and so they have been trying to retrace his steps since then. now here's what they know at this point. this man who has been unidentified is 34 years old. he died on july 31st in switzerland. the cdc says it has identified 69 people that have come in contact with them. 23 have been given rabies shots. and he likely came in contact with the bat in southern contra costa county back in march. a lot has been putting the pieces together and going through the cdc report he traveled on many international flights. he does have to come in contact with tears, is a saliva, neural tissue for them to come in
6:37 am
contact with. if they think anyone is at risk, they do want to give them medication. once there is an onset of symptoms ray bees is almost always fatal. live in martinez claudine wong. time now is 6:36. if you will be flying american airlines today better double check on the flight status. american airlines is canceling dozens of flights in order to fix airplane seats that have been coming loose during flights. 50 flights were canceled yesterday. all of the planes we're told should be back in service tomorrow. skyrocketing gas prices may not come down any time soon. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us now to explain how much gas prices shot up overnight and what is taking the blame. >> reporter: we are here at the 76 station. where it costs $4.63 a gallon for regular unled. across the street at the shell
6:38 am
station it is everyone higher. the price of gas across the state has shot up dramatically this week. that is unique to california. now take a look at the prices in san jose. according to aaa fuel gauge report. a week ago it was $4.16 a gallon. yesterday was $4.38. today the average is $4.54 a gallon. in a week gas prices have jumped $0.38. analysts say this all stems from supply problems. the chevron refinery in richmond is producing at a reduced capacity because of the fire there last august. chevron pipeline that moves crude oil to northern california was also recently shut down. >> we all know california pays more for fuel than any other state. we keep looking at the national average and then we come back to california. we have all the different regulations in california we have to pay for and the recent accident in richmond. of course they will get their
6:39 am
money back out. >> reporter: analysts say gasoline is at the low nest ten years. what doesn't help is the states strict pro lug restrictions that require cleaner burning gasoline. while prices in the bay area are high, it's still higher in los angeles where some gas stations have passed the $5 mark. a few station owners have shut down their pumps rather than charging the higher price to customers just to break even. reporting live janine de la vega. time is 6:39. sal busy weekend. we haven't mentioned the cal- ucla game. >> that is right. stanford, arizona and palo alto. there is a lot of stuff going on. >> plenty to do. >> tori campbell says she is keeping track of the justin
6:40 am
bieber concert. >> i'm a good parent i'm missing the game because i have daughters. >> let's take a look at the commute now. traffic on 80 westbound is moving along slowly. seriously if you are driving anywhere this weekend, keep in mind what is going on around the bay. you might want to consider using trap sit. we have reporters on the scene doing that very story. this is a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up near the maze to the metering lights. also livermore valley we have slow traffic coming in. it's packing up out of the tracy triangle. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very happy friday. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. it's giving us cloudy skies. right there the higher clouds associated with area of low pressure which is finally moving toward us. it will probably be with us into early next week. might produce a few showers on monday. more on that in a minute. some of the most inland areas
6:41 am
and some locations that have been really hot. everyone was really hot. coast, bay inland doesn't matter. stockton 82 yesterday. clearlake 86. ukiah 82. that cooler weather is making it all the way out to the valley. fleet week forecast whatever event you are doing in the sympathy. around the bay. it will be a partly sunny partly cloudy. cool and breezy. a lot of 60s. 40s and 50s. 48 sonoma county airport. mid 40s in lake county. there is a definitely westerly breeze in place. not as strong as yesterday. i expect that to pick up when the clouds clear up. fog should get wiped out. inland temps are cooling down. maybe by saturday and sunday it will be gone. that is going to keep us in this cool pattern. the cooling trend continues. 60s and 70s. the wind out of the sea breeze
6:42 am
direction. partly sunny. a very cool chilly morning here. highs today anywhere from 60s and 70s. that is it. goodbye to the 80s here. fremont 72. 60s on the coast and in the city. south san francisco and low 70s on the peninsula. maybe showers again on monday. >> thank you. time is 6:41. another controversial pepper spray case here in california. why dozens of los angeles high school students were pepper sprayed by police. with the full slate of events going on around the bay area a lot of people will be on the roads. you can expect gridlock. that is why some folks will be leaving their cars at home. how bart and other public safety plans to deal with the increase in passengers.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
low and high clouds. mostly cloudy here this morning. it will be another cooler day inland. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:45. republican presidential candidate mitt romney just responded to the new jobless report that came out this morning showing unemployment
6:46 am
dropping to 7.8%. the labor department says that is the lowest rate in almost four years. but mitt romney said and i'm quoting it's not what a real recory looks like -- recovery looks like. two bart passengers were robbed at gunpoint at the oakland coliseum parking lot. it happened around midnight after the two people got off a bart train. they used police dogs to capture the suspects at a nearby warehouse. more than a million people expected to pack san francisco streets over this weekend. there are several high profile events happening including the america's cup world series. now san francisco officials are hoping to learn from this weekend's event as they get ready for the big america's cup event next year where many than three million people are expected to attend. are you ready for the crowds? local transit agencies say they are?
6:47 am
alex savidge is live. >> reporter: good morning. bart has been preparing for this one weekend for months now. and to deal with the huge crowds they are expecting what they are doing is adding extra cars to all of their trains. that will actually start later on this morning. just a few hours from now. bart expects that they could set a record this weekend for ridership with so many events going on around the bay area. over the weekend bart will put every available train car they have into service. that is 600 train cars. and at the same time they will offer special event trains. those will be timed out so they will be arriving right at certain large events bleak the bluegrass festival are letting out. keep in mind bart will be operating on the normal weekend schedule. so the trains won't be coming more frequently. they will just be more cars once they arrive. this morning i talked to one man out here who has to work in san francisco this weekend. he told me he's not even considering the idea of
6:48 am
driving. >> driving is going to be a nightmare in san francisco this weekend. we know with baseball, fleet week, and everything going on. bart that will be it for me. >> in san francisco a lot of people will be using muni as well to get around. muni will be adding extra trains and buses to certain lines. especially to get people to and from the the san francisco giants home flayoff games on saturday and sunday. there will be a lot more ferries out on the bay as well. the san francisco bay ferry will triple its normal capacity between the east bay and san francisco. but the best advice in talking with the bart spokesman this morning if you are planning to take bart to san francisco or to any of the events going on around the bay area, show up early add the station. bart is expecting to handle 250,000 passengers on saturday and 200,000 passengers on sunday to deal with the crush of people they will have extra station at agents and operators on hand throughout the weekend.
6:49 am
live this morning in oakland alex savidge. >> on our website we have posted summaries of some of the big events. go to the front page and look for the section entitled today's hot topics. dozens of high school students were pepper sprayed by a police officer yesterday during a fight on campus. now it happened at narbon high in los angeles. two girls started fighting and four more jump into the fight. dozens of students surrounded them to watch it all. school police officer used pepper spray to break up the fight. 47 students were treated for breathing problems or burning eyes. school officials have launched an investigation. it was one year ago today that apple cofounder steve jobs died. and marking that anniversary apple put up this special montage on its website. it shows steve jobs through his life followed by a statement by ceo tim cook paying attribute to the man that cofounded the
6:50 am
company. the city of cupertino will also honor steve jobs. they are flying the city flag at half staff today. back to sal for a look at the commute this morning. sal any problems? >> well, it's getting busier, you guys. we're getting a lot of slow traffic now. especially on some of the major commute corridors like antioch highway 4 to bay point. we have very slow traffic now. and we do not have a friday light commute going. it looks like any other day where it has been slow coming up over the hill to concord. 680 is slowing down now. also this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up all the way to the mccarthur maze. the metering lights are on. 580 livermore to castro valley slow traffic there. 880 is becoming slower now. so again very thick on this friday again it's another bad commute. 6:50 let's go to steve. thank you.
6:51 am
very happy friday. very cloudy. a lot of low clouds, higher clouds. combination of the two. cloudy skies. the higher clouds associated with that little low that has been sitting too far offshore to make too much on an impact. low and high clouds. breezy and cool. some especially toward the north. temperature drop continues for inland areas. probably statewide. 48 to 60 degrees. 12 degrees spread. the westerly breeze not as strong as yesterday. i expect that to pick up a little later. just a really big area of high pressure there. our concern is this low it starts to move toward us. in fact it comes right over the bay area late sunday into monday. that might there is not a lot of moisture with it. it's still the possibility of few light showers late sunday into monday. the main effect will be a cool
6:52 am
pattern here. the higher clouds should thin out a little later. chilly morning. highs todays for some. 60s and 70s now. i think the fog gets wiped out. again maybe showers on monday. samsung electronics reports earnings of $7.3 billion during the third quarter of this year. that is a record. now samsung says a big increase in the number of high end tvs and galaxy smart phones definitely boosted its bottom line. san francisco hotels are also setting records. the san francisco business times reports this morning that occupancy rates are at the highest level ever. more than 80% of all the available hotel rooms were filled during the 12 months that ended in august. the average roommate jumped
6:53 am
$16. the boy scouts told him no because he's gay. the bay area mother -- >> our community is better than that. >> the bay area mother who's now fights on her son's behalf to change boy scout policies. fighting for a win. the battle both the a's and giants are facing.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news. dow jones -- keep on eye on zynga. stock plumetting. it will effect facebook as well. our time is 6:55. bay area teenager claims the boy scout won't let him become an eagle scout because he gay. 17-year-old ryan has been a scout since he was six years old. last weekend he thought he had reached the highest goal in scouting. his final eagle scout project was building what he called a tolerance wall. filled with antibullying messages. supporters say he chose that topic because he had been bullied. >> he has reflected deeply on that experience and wanted to include our current students in making a positive message here.
6:57 am
>> his scout master refused to sign off on the project because he soapingly-- because he is openingly gay. ryan's mother posted a petition on to change their minds. more than 100,000 people have signed on so far. the bay area has playoff fever. it's paying off big for local businesses. hotels are already booked up in san francisco and part has to do with the playoff game between the reds and giants. some people are paying up $500 a night for rooms. in the east bay businesses are also preparing for big crowds as well since the a's take on the tigers. they are in detroit. they think a lot of people will be going to the restaurants and bars to watch the game. first pitch for the giants is tomorrow at 6:30. the a's play at 3:00. let's quickly check in with sal. check our commute. >> we are look at the commute getting into san francisco at the bay bridge. ktvu has you covered. we have reports on all the
6:58 am
reports. traffic and parking expected to be a challenge. let's go to the east bay. hayward southbound. union city fremont slow traffic already. we have a lot of low clouds and high clouds. cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. cool kind of pattern here. 40s and 50s on the lows. 60s and 70s. it takes us right into the weekend. we'll have more coming up. coming up on mornings on 2 a lot going on. a very busy weekend in the bay area. we'll tell you all the events and how the police and transit officials are getting ready. plus tough questions for city college of san francisco with the board of trustees president what went wrong at the troubled community college. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology.
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